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There are a lot of reasons to use git instead of svn . But it is hard to switch to a new version control system in a running project.

git-svn is a alternative if you would like to use git with an existing subversion repository. Unfortunately git svn clone is dog slow on windows . And I mean really slow. It would have taken more than 10 hours to clone an existing project from the subversion repository. As this wasn’t an option I decided to do something which might be useful for other purposes, too.

The unconventional solution:
Run git-svn on Linux in virtual machine on Windows and copy it the complete directory to windows.

Install VirtualBox

Download Ubuntu Image and unpack
VirtualBoxes has some ubuntu images ready to run.

Configure Ubuntu VM in Virtualbox

Start Ubuntu

Configure shared folders

  1. sudo mkdir /media/windows-share
  1. sudo mount -t vboxsf folder-name /media/windows-share

Thanks to

Mount shared folder

Install git-core

Install git-svn

run git svn clone

copy directory to shared folder